A house Pros Home Safety Check-up will answer all    of these questions regarding the safety of your home. 



Electrical System

Are GFCIs installed and working properly at outlets where water is nearby, to prevent electric shock?

Are there any overloaded circuits in the electric panel or at individual outlets that could cause a fire?

Are smoke & CO detectors installed and working properly?  Will all occupants on all levels be alerted?

Are extension cords old and brittle, creating a fire risk, or routed in a way that creates a trip hazard?


Heating & Cooling System

Is there adequate clearance from combustibles around the furnace, water heater and all flue pipes?

Does the system have adequate combustion air and ventilation to prevent the back draft of fumes?

Are gas connections secure and free of leaks? Are flexible connectors used in the system old and worn?

Does the blower or filter compartment contain contaminants that can re-circulate throughout the home?


Hot Water Heater

Is the water heater set at a safe temperature to avoid scalding? Most are set at 140 degrees.120 is safer.

Is the pressure relief valve installed and functioning correctly to prevent explosion if pressure builds?



If attached, will walls, doors & weather stripping prevent exhaust fumes from entering the home?                 Does the garage door opener operate correctly and reverse on contact if there is an obstruction?

Are electronic sensors correctly installed to stop the door from closing if a child or pet enters its path?

Are garage and exterior electrical outlets positioned and protected to prevent shock in damp areas?



Are flexible gas connections to stoves and other appliances in good condition?

Are anti-tip devices installed on stoves where children or elderly live in or frequent the home?

Is lint built up in the dryer vent; creating a fire hazard or trapping dangerous fumes indoors?



Is moisture entering the attic area and creating the potential for a mold problem to develop?

Has any wildlife gotten through protective netting on vents to make your home theirs?



Are all stair railings, hand rails or grab bars in the home strong & secure and installed properly?

Are bathtubs and/or showers safe, with good non-slip surfaces or mats and grab bars for seniors?

Are fireplace dampers working correctly, and are chimneys free of dangerous creosote build-up?

Is the house number clearly visible from all points where emergency respondents might arrive?


If you don’t have the time, knowledge, tools or inclination to check these items   regularly yourself, a Home Safety Check-Up by House Pros is perfect for you!



Home Safety is No Accident !! Be Proactive!!

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