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When buying a new home, hiring a licensed professional home inspector will educate you about the condition of the home and help you become familiar with the home. A quality home inspection takes two to three hours and should include a comprehensive inspection report that provides an objective evaluation of the condition of the home, and clearly describes any existing defects and potential problems. A quality inspection will also include location of shut-offs,† switches, filters, and breakers, and provides the buyer with critical information about caring for and maintaining the home in order to make sure their biggest investment functions properly, retains value and stays safe for years to come.

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Home Sellers and real estate professionals are realizing that in this tough competitive climate, everything needs to be just right for a home to sell at the desired price, and in a reasonable amount of time. Problems that have to be addressed at the last minute, when the buyer orders their inspection, end up costing the seller much more than a pre-sale inspection and a few minor repairs, because these problems give the buyer the upper hand in the final negotiations. Itís also important to consider that the cost of a pre-listing inspection and resulting repairs can be built into your asking price, meaning† not only can you list for a higher price, you also stand a better chance of getting your price.

Your inspection report will be emailed within 24 hours of the inspection and will include:

* A summary of the overall condition of the subject property noting any specific major concerns.

* A detailed description of the components of the house that were examined, and complete, detailed

†† explanations of any concerns that are noted.

* Pictures and thorough descriptions of any components of the home that exhibit problems that

†† should be addressed.

All Buyer and Seller Inspections completed by House Pros, Inc are performed in accordance with the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors as well as in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the State of Illinois.

I price my services competitively with other quality home inspection companies in the area.

You can find cheaper inspectors, but youíll likely soon learn that you got what you paid for.


Clients are encouraged to participate in their Home Inspection or Home Safety Check-up.

Itís a great opportunity to learn valuable information about your home & how things work!

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