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Home Buyers Get a thorough Inspection lasting roughly two hours, and a comprehensive 16-20 page narrative style report that is easy to understand and provides a wealth of information on the current condition of the home as well as tips and advice on caring for the home.



Home Sellers Problems that are discovered during the buyers inspection can re-open negotiations and cost the seller thousands of dollars. It makes more sense to uncover and correct or disclose problems before listing the home, than to forfeit valuable leverage in negotiations just prior to closing.


Homeowners  House Pros provides a variety of services to ensure your home is a safe and comfortable place for your family to live including:


  *    Mold inspections with air & surface sampling & lab analysis

  *    Asbestos sampling and testing prior to demo work or remodeling

  *    Limited  Scope Inspections sometimes needed for refinancing

  *    Home Safety Check to ensure safety, especially for kids & elderly


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Clients are encouraged to participate in their Home Inspection or Home Safety Check-up.

It’s a great opportunity to learn valuable information about your home & how things work!

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